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First (Rough) English Language Translation of Almost Every People’s Liberation Army Base

This post is exactly what the title says. This is the first extant English language map of pretty much every Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) facility that’s publicly available as of September 22nd, 2022. It’s wholly derived from the excellent work done by Joseph Wen that’s available here, and it was developed using a painful amount of file manipulation.

We developed this map as a small stepping stone towards creating a high-fidelity model of a nuclear exchange between the US and China (yes, that’s coming up soon).

This file set also includes a 2009 map on PLAAF airbases made by IHS Jane’s Sean O’Connor (the original link to which can be accessed here).

You can access the larger .kmz file by clicking on the above image or on this link here. Now for the panhandling part.

Properly adjusting these files/coordinates took quite a bit of labor, and while this should be useful for any and everyone who studies or partakes in warfare, this was a boring slog for us. With increased funding, we (and if you want, you) here at Analytica Camillus will be able to afford better software so that we can share and conduct deeper and more far reaching research into global affairs. If you want to support our efforts, you can throw money at our patreon and throw suggestions to study at us, either through our comments, twitter(s) or email.

Our Discord-based library should be up and running relatively soon as well. We’ve already downloaded thousands of WW2 operational documents (among other things), and now we have to write a few scripts to fetch titles and categories, and other pertinent information from each document.

This was just a brief update to share something that should be useful for any and everyone. As the famous police officer says…

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  1. Konrad

    China is a force for global stability unlike the Satanic neo-Nazi American war state.


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